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What do folks think about Miss Ellie?

"Ellie's presence, singing, and joy bring peace, love, and a sense of community to so many little and big people at the

same time!" - attendee at The Grande in South Portland


"Trust me! When you hear her voice, you are going to want to hear MORE of it!" -attorney in Canada

"Thanks so much, Ellie, for enriching our children's lives with music!" -birthday party attendee

"Ellie is not only gifted as a musician but also gifted as a teacher. The children love her! She is so warm and friendly. Throughout the week I am asked 'Is it music class today?'" -Mary Lily, Director JCA Early Childhood Education


"Ellie sang for my mother's memorial service and it was nothing less than ethereal!" -Museum Director

"Thank you so much for doing our son's 3rd birthday party! He had a ball! Everyone had a ball!" -Saco Mom


"Ellie's class has been amazing for us and I see the benefits with my own eyes. My daughter's language development is ahead, she has an incredible vocabulary... I truly believe Ellie's class is a huge part of that." -Music Director for Saco First Parish


"Ellie's haunting harmonies and cello tracks really made the songs for the band!" -Recording Engineer


"My parents absolutely loved their singing telegram! And they [said] your voice was magical! Thank you for helping me make their Easter so much better!" Customer, New Hampshire


This is the highlight of our week! I don't know what we would do without this class!" -new parent, Westbrook


"My kids love Ellie so much, we arrange our entire daycare schedule around her class!" - Brunswick Mom


"Ellie is now my son's favorite person! He just named his new baby doll Ellie!" -JCA staff


"This is the most fun my daughter and I have ever had!" -parent new to Portland


"Ellie's patient encouraging approach, coupled with her positive energy, humor and expertise, helped my child learn

to love playing music!" -Falmouth Mom


"Every morning, my son hopefully asks, 'Is it music with Ellie today?" -Kennebunk Dad


"Her songs run through our house on a daily basis!" -Westbrook parent


"My daughter gets SO excited when I say we're going to music class...her first phrase was, "Class? Ellie? Shake it?

Go class now?!" - Portland parent 


"Definitely the best music class I've been to!" -Portland nanny


"You are super talented and an amazing teacher and I love learning from you!" -Student thank you card


"Our child is so comfortable with you...who else has such a low key, friendly approach to teaching?" -Falmouth Mom


"This generation needs this so badly!" -Cumberland Grandmother


What they're saying about the album,


"I like very much the way you expand the vocal harmonies ...My favorite...track 6, with your lovely, silken voice over

the simple pattern of the bass line; and then how the arrangement flowers." - Paul Winter


"Wowza! I just listened to your link and watched a few videos…What a beautiful voice you have….unreal….rich and

thick and angelic too…I’m so impressed!" - Toni Bergins, Journey Dance


"I absolutely LOVE your cd. It is so beautiful, and I have been listening non-stop! It has been so helpful in my healing."

- Yoga Instructor in Peru


"...lovely. Ellie's voice is really ethereal , especially with the harmonies." - customer


"I played Track 1 last night during Savasana at my prenatal yoga class. After, I mentioned that I had CD's for sale. A pregnant mama came up and said 'I need to buy the CD. I burst into tears when it started playing during Savasana.' So rich and powerful. Thank you for creating this beautiful CD." - Jamie Worster, Yoga & Health Coach


"I've never been more relaxed than when getting to sing on this Cd!" - Jahti Ma Ma Chorus member


"This work is really beautiful. Ellie's choices of harmonies, timing, and management of vibration and syllables together

are new and very effective. I have never lost myself in the mantra things you are supposed to lose yourself in before,

but I did in this, and it IS healing!!" - Mary Golden, Ph.D., Children's Psychology


"Ellie has made the traditional Kirtan and chanting accessible to Western audiences!" - music critic


"...great songwriting and musicianship, and Ellie is hilarious!" - audience member


"I don't know what we did at nap time before using Ellie's CD!" - teacher at childcare center

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